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Collaborating to enhance accessibility and inclusion in Europe

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At the European Centre of Vocational Excellence in Accessibility (AccessCoVE), we proudly present an innovative and growing collaboration among 22 partners from four European countries: Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy. Our mission is to gather and develop knowledge for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in accessibility issues for people with disabilities and the elderly in Europe.

What is accessibility?

  • Equal access: Everyone should use places, products, and services equally.
  • Inclusive participation: No one should be excluded due to disabilities.
  • Universal design: Creating environments where everyone can
    participate equally.

Our goals

  • Trusted resource: Be the leading knowledge source for accessibility in Europe.
  • Policy contribution: Influence policies for societal inclusion and digital accessibility.
  • Educational programs: Develop curricula to train future accessibility experts.

Key benefits

  • Innovation in education: We develop advanced educational programs to train future accessibility experts.
  • European collaboration: We work with partners in Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy to foster a more inclusive Europe.
  • Commitment to inclusion: We promote policies that ensure equal participation for all citizens.

Explore our website to learn more about ongoing project developments, our partners, and how we work to improve accessibility. Do not hesitate to contact us (an E-mail address will be added soon) if you have questions or wish to participate in our work. Together, we can make a real difference!