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The main objectives of the project answer the questions set above and close the gap between needs resolving plan and implementation. In more concrete terms, the proposed project targets:

  • A. The establishment of a European multi-level innovative and constantly growing CoVE – the AccessCoVE – in the field of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The AccessCoVE aims at providing solutions in accessibility issues that face innumerable enterprises, companies, and entities of public and private sector (national ecosystems) by delivering the experts in the field. The AccessCoVE will be open in transnational and international collaborations (VET providers, stakeholders, other CoVEs) that seek to excel and share common interests in inclusive, barrier-free environments (products and services) that accessibility experts will be able to create.
  • B. The holistic approach of accessibility by propagating accessibility in every possible aspect of social and economic life. Individuals with impairments will be able to have spatial and digital access so they can enjoy a participative, barrier-free and democratic life. For this reason, the areas of expertise for the accessibility specialists will be spread in every direction to cover any accessibility challenge.
  • C. The development of the most up-to-date, valid and worth trusting source for accessibility issues, which will constitute a key contributor to policy making regarding inclusion in society and accessible digitalisation. The areas of expertise of the accessibility specialists, as well as the standards and the indicators they entail, will be subject to updating processes to address current and, mainly, forthcoming needs. Thus, stakeholders will have a “beacon” for the accessibility challenges they face, whereas AccessCoVE will present a well-developed vocational excellence system that acts proactively to support growth and innovation by covering any emergent accessibility need through its accessibility experts.
  • D. The foundation of two (2) new professional specialties. AccessCoVE will not just re-skill and up-skill professionals who need to update and enrich their knowledge and skills. Starting from that point will found two (2) new professional specialties combined with certified expertise. Only a few entities provide training in accessibility with the vast majority focusing on web accessibility. The well-recognised International Association of Accessibility Professionals with a registered office in the USA is focusing on areas of expertise leaving many aspects of social and economic life uncovered, such as education. AccessCoVE, based on the holistic approach, its innovative practices and the gradual establishment of a platform of CoVEs, aims to tackle all societal challenges connected to accessibility.
  • E. The elaboration of a robust network of partners that unify their expertise in VET delivery, accessibility research or entrepreneurship, combine their interests to contribute to regional development, and support the growth of the AccessCoVE after the completion of the project. The network will be founded on long-term action plans for funding and governance, and it will be transformed into a non-profit organisation with an international dimension that will support both an autonomous governance and a viable financial system which will promote its growth.