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Innovation competition

Annual event

Each year, secondary education students, both with and without disabilities, collaborate to innovate ideas on how accessibility can be improved from their perspectives. 

Promoting inclusive environments

This initiative aims to nurture a school environment of mutual learning between students. By allowing co-creation across abilities within the classroom, the innovation competition aims to spark insightful conversation on solutions needed for a more accessible environment. 

Judging and support

A committee comprising academics, industry professionals, and IT companies judges the competition. The committee provides feedback to students and assists them in transforming their ideas into potential commercial products or patents.

Mutual learning and collaborative problem-solving

The competition aims to familiarize students with accessibility issues and cultivate their skills in innovation and problem-solving.

Established to reach beyond national borders, the competition under the AccessCoVE project is now extending its reach throughout Europe, inviting students to propose innovations focused on accessibility.

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